Selasa, 09 November 2010

It has been a great summer!

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Since releasing our newest version of Flock almost 90 days ago, we’ve shipped six new builds, deployed three auto updates and made some great improvements to the product. And because listening and learning from our community of users is a top priority at Flock, this week we’re fielding our tenth user survey in less than three months. So far, our users have told us the things they love the most about new Flock are:

  1. Performance and design: Fast and easy set up, overall browser speed, and fast page loading

  2. The new Flock sidebar: Makes it incredibly easy to follow, find, share, and update all your friends and information

  3. Search: Discovering interesting content from friends when searching in the new Flock

The market response has also been outstanding: users of new Flock have grown an average of 25% week over week since launch, thousands of positive product reviews and blogs have been published (my favorite coverage is here), customer satisfaction is soaring, and a significant majority of our new Flock users have recommended Flock to their friends (45% to more than 3 friends).

And now a milestone that we take a lot of pride in -- as of yesterday, the new Flock sidebar has helped its users view, manage and engage with 1,089,912,202 activities (status updates, tweets, direct messages, video uploads, invites, photos, comments, feed updates, notifications, etc.). And, as the #2 top ranked feature within Flock, the new sidebar is a hit because it makes scanning, reading, searching, viewing media, clicking through to source links, grouping, tweet replies, retweeting and sharing easier then ever before.

As you can see, it has been a great summer for Flock. As the weather cools and the days become shorter, Flock will remain focused on making our social browser better and better. Keep your great feedback coming. We’ll also be delivering a Mac build of new Flock next month, so stay tuned for that Mac lovers!

All of us at Flock would like to send out a huge “thank you” to all our users for their invaluable support and for making Flock a big part of their online lives (our research shows that most people are using Flock for more than 6 hours per day now :-)

And, just so you have one more reason to tell your friends to download new Flock and give it a test flight, you can enter our new Twitter contest for a chance to win an Apple iPad! Go to for contest details and rules. And be sure to follow us @flock on Twitter.

Your feedback is always welcomed. Send your email here. Or you can visit Flock’s support site if you have questions or comments about the product.


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